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This operation get info of a notification.



  • sharedkey: Your API client shared key
  • authkey: Authkey of notification owner
  • code: Code of notification to get info
  • signature: Parameters signature, as explained in Signature parameter


A JSON object with the following fields:

  • entryDate: Date of notification
  • code: Notification code
  • subject: Subject of notification
  • body: Body content of notification
  • recipientType: Send type of the notification
  • recipientMail: E-mail address of the notification recipient
  • recipientPhone: Phone of the notification recipient
  • recipientName: Name of the notification recipient
  • attachmentName: Attachment name of notification
  • state: State of notification
    • PENDING The notification is pending to read
    • READ The notificaction has been read
  • certificates: List of certificates generated from this notification
    • entryDate: Date of certificate
    • code: Certificate code
    • url: Public URL for certificate download
  • readings: List of readings of this notification
    • ip: IP from which the notification was read
    • country: Country code from which the notification was read
    • city: City from which the notification was read
    • date: Date read
    • downloadAttachment: Indicates if the attachment was downloaded

HTTP Errors

  • 401 Unauthorized: the authkey does not exist or is not authorized
  • 403 Forbidden: the sharedkey or signature are not valid
  • 404 Not found: the notification does not exist or does not belong to the user



RESPONSE (actual response has no line breaks or indentation):

   "entryDate": "2017-03-16T12:59:08Z",
   "code": "170316-6K5D2Q",
   "state": "READED",
   "subject": "Example notification",
   "body": "Notification text",
   "recipientType": "EMAIL",
   "recipientMail": "",
   "recipientPhone": "",
   "recipientName": "John Doe",
   "certificates": [
          "entryDate": "2017-03-16T12:59:44Z",
          "code": "170316-WMZMFS",
          "url": "http:\/\/\/certificate\/170316-WMZMFS",
   "readings": [
          "ip": "",
          "date": "2017-03-16T12:59:34Z",
          "downloadAttachment": "false"