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This operation lists the certificates of the authorizing user.




  • sharedkey: Your API client shared key
  • authkey: Authorization key
  • type: Type of certificate to search
    • web_static Static web pages
    • web_snapshots Web browsing sessions with snapshots
    • web_video Web browsing sessions with video
    • web Web certificates, includes web_static, web_snapshots and web_video certificates
    • mail E-mail certificates
    • photo Geo-located photographs
    • file Files
  • fromDate: Return certificates generated from this date on (optional, format yyyy-MM-dd)
  • toDate: Return certificates generated up to this date (optional, format yyyy-MM-dd)
  • filter: Text for searching certificates (optional)
  • page: Page number to return (optional, defaults to 1)
  • signature: Parameters signature, as explained in Signature parameter


A JSON object with the following fields:

  • pageSize: Maximum number of certificates per page
  • count: Total number of certificates
  • pageTotal: Total number of pages
  • list: array of JSON with the certificates data
    • entryDate: Date of certificate
    • code: Certificate code
    • url: Public URL for certificate download
    • thumbnailUrl: URL of thumbnail of certificate (optional, just for web and photo certificates)
    • properties: JSON with the properties of the certificate
      • Web certificates
        • url: URL that was certified
      • Mail certificates
        • toAddresses: E-mail destinataries
        • subject: Subject of e-mail
      • Photo certificates
        • latitude: Latitude where the photo was taken
        • longitude: Longitude where the photo was taken
        • accuracy: Accuracy of geographic location, in meters
        • address: Human-readable photo location
      • File certificates
        • filename: File name
        • size: Size of file
        • md5: MD5 hash of file
        • sha1: SHA1 hash of file
        • sha256: SHA256 hash of file
        • sha512: SHA512 hash of file

HTTP Errors

  • 403 Forbidden: the sharedkey or signature are not valid
  • 401 Unauthorized: authkey is not valid or not authorized




RESPONSE (actual response has no line breaks or indentation):