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This operation returns the status of a web browsing certification.



  • sharedkey: Your API client shared key
  • code: The certification code received in the browse/stamp bringback URL
  • signature: Parameters signature, as explained in Signature parameter


A JSON object with the following fields:

  • code: The certification code
  • status: Certification status
    • RUNNING: The browsing session is still running
    • PENDING_CERTIFICATION: The browsing session was completed, but the certification is being processed
    • FINISHED: The certification has been completed and the certificate PDF is ready for download
    • CANCELLED: The user cancelled the browsing session
  • certificateUrl: Certificate download URL (for FINISHED status)

HTTP Errors

  • 403 Forbidden: the sharedkey or signature are not valid, or the specified job does not belong to the API client
  • 404 Not found: the certification code is not correct.



RESPONSE (actual response has no line breaks or indentation):